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Web channels give your customers the opportunity to easily connect with you via chat, click-to-call, video or email. These solutions improve customer satisfaction, sales volumes, revenue per transaction, and reduction in costs.

The Teleperformance Advantage

Teleperformance has the experience and knowledge to guide you to a solution that works best for you, with in-depth knowledge of your industry, best practices, as well as deep consumer insights. We will work with you to enable the best solution, regardless of which technology you prefer.

What do we offer?

What do we offer?

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Chat is a simple way for customers to get information via your website. Customers can typically connect to an agent in less than a minute, and can ask questions and get responses quickly, and without hassle. Chat can be placed throughout a website or just focused on specific pages that are crucial on the customer’s journey.

Chat is well suited to:

• Reducing abandonment rates and costs per contact.

• Supporting products/services that are complex and likely to leave customers with questions, creating doubts that prevent customers from buying.

• Complementing a website’s self-help in situations where the customer needs detailed information.

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Customers can click a button and talk directly with an agent through their computer or device. As more customers use mobile devices, click to call offers a convenient way for customers to make contact without having to leave the website. Unlike voice calls, click to call can be tracked from the page (including the customers’ details if they are in a logged in area), through to the agent and to any final solution that is offered. This gives an incredible opportunity to understand the specific issues that each web page is creating. This helps companies update their web-content, in an attempt to reduce the number of contacts, which can lead to a reduction in costs. For sites where one of the goals is sales, the sale can be tracked from the lead generation on the website to the closing of the sale via the agent.

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Video chat has all the same functionality and benefits that come with click to call, but, with the ability for the customer to see the agent, and vice versa if required. There can be huge advantages to allowing the person’s face to be seen, especially if the industry has a low volume, high revenue business model such as a bank with VIP clients in which a high level of trust is needed. Video chat is also a great option for some types of support. Customers can either show the flaws on their goods or the agent can show how to resolve their issue on a product right in front of them, instead of a face-to-face visit from a specialist. It can also be great for showing features on a product on a more interactive level than a simple video could do. Unlike a video, the agent can take steps to close the deal or at least get sufficient information to qualify a lead for further follow up. 

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Email is still an immensely popular channel. Our data shows that email was used by 43% of customers in the last 12 months. Just because someone sends an email/web-form does not mean that an email response is always the right one. We can support email responses via alternative channels as part of your omnichannel strategy.

Reactive vs. Proactive

Reactive click–to-call and reactive click-to chat rely on static buttons on a page that are selected when the customer feels the need to make contact. As reactive channels are passive, they will not push customers to make additional contact but will give customers the assurance that support is there if they need it.

Proactive click-to-chat and Proactive click-to-call rely on timing and website statistics to provoke an invitation to start a chat or call. Such analysis includes the amount of time spent on a website, activity selecting a particular button, or scrolling to a certain point, for example.

What about the technology

Teleperformance can provide technology, if needed. However, we are able to work with any current technology you are using, though this may restrict the implementation of an exceptional interactive solution. Our teams may be able to suggest solutions that can help overcome such limitations in your existing software.